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FBA Service

Placing Your FBA Orders

Our website makes it quick and easy for you to browse through our thousands of products and find the right ones that fit your needs. We have a fantastic selection of import items and a growing selection of great closeout deals. You can browse by category, price point, specials, new arrivals and more.

Once you find your products you will proceed to checkout where you will be able to add our optional prep services to your order and pay for everything all at once. Prep services can include labeling, bundling, bagging and packaging replacement. All prep will be compliant with Amazon requirements.

Our prep options essentially allow you to create your own private label product with your unique brand name and logo. With this approach you can really differentiate your products and minimize your competition at the same time.

If choosing to use our prep services we highly suggest paying for it at checkout, as this will expedite your order processing. Payment can be made via any major credit card or PayPal. If using PayPal, please do not use the PayPal Express checkout option, as that will not allow you to add your prep fees.