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  • 20161121134809-57804.jpg
    Security Room(Factory Entry)
  • 20161121134827-97972.jpg
    Hammocks Garden (inside factory)
  • 20161121134948-46113.jpg
    A conner of DANLONG hammock garden
  • 20161121135002-28304.jpg
    Staffs’ Amusement Room
  • 20161121135014-46921.jpg
    Office Building
  • 20161121135028-40944.jpg
    Packing Wookroom
  • 20161121135039-96889.jpg
    Hammock Showroom
  • 20161121135049-15627.jpg
    Container Load Area
  • 20161121135106-11368.jpg
    All factory is covered by camera monitor
  • 20161121135118-55503.jpg
    First Aid Kit box
  • 20161121135153-95985.jpg
    Office room
  • 20161121135202-22319.jpg
    Office room for factory management team
  • 20161121135215-45210.jpg
    Fabric Cutting Area
  • 20161121135226-75163.jpg
    Fabric Cutting Area
  • 20161121135333-23265.jpg
    Gate of Tailoring Workroom
  • 20161121135345-39347.jpg
    Sewing Area
  • 20161121135356-62284.jpg
    Sewing Are
  • 20161121135411-76750.jpg
    Quilted Machine
  • 20161121135421-75824.jpg
    Quality Check Machine for fabric
  • 20161121135439-26310.jpg
    Quality Check Machine for fabric
  • 20161121135450-30393.jpg
    Metal Detection Area
  • 20161121135501-17545.jpg
    Area for Qualified/or unqualified products
  • 20161121135513-56764.jpg
    Raw Material Warehouse-fabric
  • 20161121135526-46279.jpg
    Raw Material Warehouse-rope
  • 20161121135538-14818.jpg
    Raw Material Warehouse-fabric
  • 20161121135549-74894.jpg
    Raw Material Warehouse
  • 20161121135601-79341.jpg
    Raw Material Warehouse-rope
  • 20161121135612-92874.jpg
    Raw Material Warehouse
  • 20161121135621-54807.jpg
    Wood Cut machine , by mould
  • 20161121141044-50487.jpg
    Drill the hammock bars
  • 20161121141104-57843.jpg
    Single Hole Drill Machine
  • 20161121141123-33845.jpg
    Sand Area
  • 20161121141136-27629.jpg
    Machine Sand
  • 20161121141153-10959.jpg
    Hand Sand Zone
  • 20161121141207-21925.jpg
    Painting Zone
  • 20161121141218-47132.jpg
    Storage Zrea for oil/paint a
  • 20161121141232-25988.jpg
    Automatic painting line
  • 20161121141245-19431.jpg
    Hardware Workroom Entry
  • 20161121141255-39061.jpg
    Hardware workroom building
  • 20161121141305-84726.jpg
    Raw Material Storage Zone
  • 20161121141314-76780.jpg
    Tube Cutting area
  • 20161121141327-86292.jpg
    QC station for steel hammock stands
  • 20161121141337-71127.jpg
    Drill Area
  • 20161121141347-78566.jpg
    Cutting Area
  • 20161121141358-16919.jpg
    Weld Area
  • 20161121141410-71346.jpg
    Weld Area
  • 20161121141929-88833.jpg
    Products for power coating
  • 20161121141458-65509.jpg
    Weave Workroom
  • 20161121141508-63849.jpg
    Weave table
  • 20161121141946-29310.jpg
    All hammocks are weaved in the room.
  • 20161121141954-19510.jpg
    On site QC station
  • 20161130101013-46391.jpg
    New Factory
  • 20161130101022-53987.jpg
    New Factory
  • 20161130101034-93434.jpg
    New Factory

Factory Information

Factory Area 38,000m2
Employees Below 100
Plant Add No.468,Hutou Industry Park, Chalu Town, Ninghai County,Ningbo City,Zhejiang Province, China

Established: 1999.02
Headquarters: Ningbo, China
Regions of Business: US, Europe, South American and Middle East.
Capital Investment:US$8,000.000.00
Transport: It is only 60 miles from our factory to the nearby seaport; 44 miles to the local airport; 44 miles to the local railway station; and there is weekly shipping from the Ningbo seaport to most of ports in the world.

Staff Details

Production Staff: 100+
QC Staff: 5
R&D Staff: 2
Ownership and Management
A joint venture owned and operated corporation.
We have been working as OEM manufacturer for Lowe’s, Kohls, Target, Menards, Sports Authority for over 15 years.

Trade & Market

Main Market North America, South America, The globe
Nearest port for product export NingBo
Delivery clauses under the trade mode FOB
Acceptable payment methods T/T, L/C
Whether any overseas office is available No
Business turnover USD 12 - 30 million per year
export volume USD 12 - 30 million per year