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How to Choose the Right Backyard Hammocks

9th Mar 2018

Your backyard can be an extension of your living space. Backyard is a versatile space, it’s great for kids to play, for entertaining. If you are a gardener, your backyard is perfect for growing beautiful plants and flowers. Or, you can use your backyard as a place to enjoy simply outdoor relaxation after long hard working day.

For relax in your backyard, you need to add some gear to this space, many people thick of hammocks. It offer a portable and secure way to lounge and literally flow with the wind. There’s nothing more relaxing than lying on a hammock in your backyard while enjoying the beautiful weather. It can somehow help you feel relaxed and forget about your stress.

However, there are so many types of hammocks in the market, from different materials and different forms. How to choose the right one for you can be a challenge, especially if you’ve never used one before and don’t really know what to look for.

To help you choose the right hammock to buy, here are some suggestions. You could check step by step.

Choosing a Location for Your Hammock

First step is to choose a spot for your hammock. Near or far away from your house, somewhere in the shade or enjoy the direct sunlight. In addition, the most important thing you should keep in mind it where to hang your hammock. Do you have a cluster of trees in your backyard? can you find two trees in line with each other, and with suitable distance? You also need to make sure they are durable enough to hold your weight and the weight of the hammock. If it’s difficult for you, don’t worry! The good news is that there are some hammocks set includes a hammock stand in the market for you to choose. Making it easier to find a spot where you could place your hammock, no need to have two trees or two structures for hanging your hammock.

Hammock stands are available in wood or metal. Wooden hammock stands are popular for their attractive natural looks and very stable, while they are not as easy to move around. Metal hammock stands are easy to move around with lightweight design. Metal hammock stands are often painted with a powder coat finish to avoid rust and scratches.

For one or two-person? Single or Double Hammock

The second step is to decide whether you need single hammock or a double hammock. Usually the single hammock is cheaper than double hammock. If you enjoy cuddling up as a couple on a hammock or if you will get on with a child, double hammock is perfect. Double hammock offering a more spacious lounging or sleeping experience than a single, so Double hammock also an ideal choice if you looking for more comfortable.

Child and Pet-Friendly Hammocks

If you have a child or a pet that will use the hammock, then you should check the material of hammock carefully. Because not all hammocks are child-safe and pet-friendly. Hammock made from durable materials that can withstand claws and jumping is ideal for pets and children. For example: rope hammocks is not suitable, while fabric hammocks is ok.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is an important factors to consider. You could see it from the parameter list or check with the vendor. Low weight capacity are generally only suitable for children. If you have a large frame or want to buy a hammock for 2 people,you should go to hammocks with a high weight capacity. Most hammocks can take up to 450 pounds. And some heavy-duty hammock can take up more.

Types of Hammocks

There are some types of hammocks: Rope hammocks, Fabric hammocks. Cocoon hammocks, Hammocks with spreader bar. Or multipurpose use hammocks. Below details will help you to choose right one.

Rope hammocks: Rope hammocks made from cotton or polyester or blend of them, have a lighter weave for relaxation. They are designed for warm and hot climates. Airflow is not constricted at all, allowing you and your clothing to breathe. Perfect to use in summer.

Fabric hammocks: Fabric hammocks are strong and durable, suitable for both hot and cold climates. Fabric hammocks do not allow as much airflow as rope hammocks, feeling like lie down in bed, wrap yourself in, close your eyes and dream! quilted fabric hammocks offer a thick lining to prevent any airflow, and retain body heat, suitable for cold climates.

Cocoon hammocks: When you lie in one of this these hammocks, the sides of the hammocks will fold over you like a cocoon. Many people enjoy the comfortable of this way. But it difficult to get in and out, so not suitable for children if have no guardian together.

Hammocks with spreader bar: This hammock has two wooden bars at each end that keeps the fabric in the middle tight. its main purpose is to prevent the hammock from snuggling you like a cocoon. The design is open and inviting, allowing you to lie relatively flat as compared to other hammock designs.

Multipurpose hammocks: Some rope hammocks bonus quilted fabric pad, which adds to the comfort level for the product. Also make it suitable for both hot and cold climates.

Other things to consider

There are other things that you should consider as well , such as how hard or how easy it is to install the hammock.(Most hammocks come with instruction and hassle-free to set up). The height that the hammock is going to be, and the people that are going to use the hammock.

The hammock can’t be too high if there is a child that is going to use the hammock as well. The height of some hammocks are adjustable, please check with vendor.

Different hammocks are made from different materials. And the price are different, if you want to use hammocks all the year round and for long time, you should go to durable hammocks with multipurpose, if you could afford it.

In a word, a backyard hammock is a wise investment.