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About Us


Established in 1997,Danlong Hammocks is recognized as one of leading manufacturer ofquality hammocks and accessories in China.


We are an ISO-9001:2015 certified company, engaged in the manufacturing, exporting and supplying hammocks and its accessories, swings and other garden furniture. We belive in quality and innovation and welcome the customers for


Customer satisfactionhas always been our priority and we live by the motto “Customer always comes first”. Danlong Hammocks team is a winner in terms of service andreliability. We believe that an unforgettable customer experience should be thepride of a company and hence, we strive for it every step of our way. Everymember at Danlong Hammocks work hard to provide quality products for our valuedcustomers.


Our competitive pricemakes us unique among other. We offer great value for money by manufacturinghammocks that are unique in style and comfort and affordable at the sametime.  We are always on the hunt for newtechnology, stylish patterns and creative, witty industrial designs.


Our strategy is to deliver products made to the highest standardswith the best materials and construction to our customers. Our long haulobjective is extending both our universe and domestic markets. We haveestablished an extensive worldwide marketing and business undertakings both athome and abroad.


Danlong Hammocks has the experts’ team who is responsible for checkingthe quality of the product every step of the way from raw materials tilldelivery in order to ensure you the best experience. At Danlong Hammocks, webelieve that every little detail matters for creating perfection in your work.Our committed team meets face-to-face with manufacturers to ensure top-notchquality of products. Our superior quality, unique design and timely deliverymake us discrete among others in this industry.


Our dedicated team isvery responsive who will get back to you in no time. The servicerepresentatives at Danlong Hammocks are available for you around the clockthrough email, chat and phone.  We areavailable for your service even after your final delivery of the product.


Danlong Hammocks, your reliable hammock manufacturing partner in China.


Danlong Hammocks has near 20 years experience offering a unique service of exporting mixed product container loads from China to different market.

We take the hassle out of exporting, sourcing and manufacture of the product.

Our Service Includes:

Quality control at our factories



Renown for introducing new products

Our Mission 


We always put our customers first.


Provide you with the best buyer protection.


Quality products, full-line selection, high margin to empower your business.


We create extra value for you by building brands, designing products --- all of which will resonate with your customers.