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14 Foot Russian Pine Hardwood Arc Frame Hammock Stand with Hooks and Chains

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Russian pine
Weight Capacity:
3 year
waterproof varnish
Stand Dimension:
14’(L) x 4.1’(H) x 3.9’(W)
Gross Weight:
Package Size:
76(L) x 14(W) x 7(H) inches

Between work, family and social obligations, todays modern lifestyle can be stressful. Every working day, you go all out to achieve your goals, under stresses and strains. Its will harms your immune system if lack of regular relaxation. Proper relax and take care of yourself in spare time is very important, its will help you keep healthy and work efficiently.

Lie down on hammocks and do nothing will let your mind relax and relieve stress. Its easy to do if you have suitable tree in your yard, just hang the hammocks on tree. If not, it require a professional to make special tools for hanging the hammocks. Or you have a another ideal choice: use hammocks stand!

DANLONG make various hammocks stand: steel stand, wooden stand, C-frame, Tri-Beam and custom-made your favorite shape. They are flexible design with quality hooks and chains, suitable for all kinds of hammocks, heavy duty made for large capacity, waterproof surface treatment for outdoor use, perfect for your garden, yard, deck or balcony.


Key features:

Stylish: Its unique, modern shape is a additional tuning of your outdoor living space.

Excellent weight capacity: Hold 450 pounds with no issues.

Well made: Made of quality solid wood with antiseptic treatment and waterproofing treatment.

Weather resistant: Finished with weather protective wood oil,perfect for outdoor use.

Easy to set up and use: Come with all necessary hardware and tools, hassle-free installation. With hooks and chains, suitable for all kinds of hammocks

customizable: The color and shape could be made according to your needs.





Material: Russian pine

Weight Capacity: 450 lbs.

Color: Customizable

Shape: Customizable

Warranty: 3 year

Surface: waterproof  varnish

Stand Dimension: 14’(L) x 4.1’(H) x 3.9’(W)

Gross Weight: 88 lbs.

Package Size: 76(L) x 14(W) x 7(H) inches




Production process


Quality solid wood





Wood process


 Wood antiseptic treatment


Waterproofing treatment